Pelvic Steaming DIY Home Setup

Try pelvic steaming at home --- here are some mock setup's you can try to do pelvic steaming in the privacy of your own home.

Pelvic steaming is an ancient self care practice that can help with myriad women's health issues, including painful periods, cramps, fibroids, cysts, long or short cycles, fertility issues, bacterial infections, pain during sex, scar tissue, postpartum healing, and more. While steaming protocols may vary, and we strongly recommend making a treatment plan in coordination with someone trained in either Steamy Chick or Arvigo methods (we use Steamy Chick methods at Noe Valley Integrative Bodywork), it's generally safe to develop a home care routine after consulting either online or in-person.

Steam saunas like the one we use in the studio can be bought for a couple hundred dollars online. After experiencing such a profound difference to her painful periods after completing a steam treatment plan in the studio, Celine's father (presumably a hobby woodworker) actually made her a steam box! But you can rig up a basic steaming system at home without buying any equipment.

Place the herbs into a pot of gently (almost boiling) water that has begun to steam. Let the herbs simmer covered for 5 minutes, and remove from heat. Allow to cool slightly. Some setup ideas include placing a cutting board between the legs of two chairs and your bowl or pot in top. Then take a gentle seat with one thigh on each chair, and drape yourself with a towel or blanket. Another method you can try involves placing a pot or ceramic bowl in your toilet and sit on the toilet, draping yourself with a towel or blanket.

Relax, take deep long breaths and enjoy your steam for10 minutes. TAKE CARE NOT TO BURN YOUR BITS! ALWAYS HOLD YOUR HAND ABOVE THE POT FOR SEVERAL SECONDS TO TEST THE HEAT BEFORE SITTING DOWN. It should feel warm, gentle and soothing. For most women with regular 28 day cycles, it is recommended to do a pelvic steam a few days before your period, and again once it's ended. For postpartum women a steam can be done at any time anytime after the majority of your bleeding has stopped, and can be done as frequently as for 40 consecutive days.

At Noe Valley Integrative Bodywork we create custom herb blends for your needs. Some tips on the best herbs to use can be found here.

Let us know if you have any questions at all and happy steaming!

p.s. While pelvic steaming is an ancient women's health practice seen throughout the world, it should not take the place of regular holistic gynecological or other medical care. Noe Valley Integrative Bodywork practitioners do not diagnose medical illness, disease or other physical or mental conditions. Please consult with your OB/GYN, midwife, of general care physician if experiencing any acute women's health issues.

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